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Frequently Asked Questions

POWER Agency sees to it that applicants are well-informed. Thus, we've collated commonly asked questions to serve as a comprehensive yet simple reference for aspiring applicants dreaming of working abroad.

Q: How long will the processing of my visa take?
A: The visa processing usually takes 30 days after completion of documents.

Q: How soon before I am deployed?
A: It will depend on the employer, some are deployed a week after visa release.

Q: How much is the processing fee?
A: The processing fees depend on the documents required.

Q: How much is the placement and is it salary deductible?
A: Most of the employers pay for your placement fee and will not deduct it from your salary.

Q: How long before my medical results are released?
A: Medical results are released after 3 to 5 days.

Q: How much is the medical examination and who pays for it?
A: The candidate pays for the medicals and it would be dependent on the requirement of the employer.

Q: What are the possible reasons for failing a medical examination? And if so, can anything be done about it?
A: Most countries are strict on Infectious diseases like HIV, Hepatitis and Tuberculosis.

Q: Can I choose the clinic where I may have the medical examination?
A: We have a POEA accredited clinic near the office and refer our applicants to them.

Q: Is there an expiration where my medical results are concerned?
A: The expiration is 90 days.

Q: Can I come home after one year of service? Who pays for the expenses if I choose to come home and take my paid vacation leave here?
A: Yes, you can but you have to provide for your own ticket. Free tickets are provided after two years of service.

Q: How long is my contract with them?
A: The contract duration varies from one to three years.

Q: Who provides for  my accommodation? How about the food?
A: The accommodations are provided by the employer however if you choose to live outside of the accommodations you will be provided with a housing allowance. Duty meals are provided by most employers.

Q: Do I get paid for overtime?
A: Provisions on overtime would be under the host country’s laws. With other employers, overtime will be offset with the days off.

Q: How many days in a week do I work and how long are the working hours?
A: 6 days or 48 hours a week.

Q: What kind of visa will be given me?
A: You will be provided with an employment visa.

Q: Are there payments I need to shoulder when I reach the airport? Airline taxes, terminal fees, etc..?
A: No fees to be paid if you have an Overseas Employment Certificate.

Q: How much money do I need to bring when I leave?
A: Ideally, US$200.00 would be sufficient.

Q: Who will pick us up at the airport when we arrive there?
A: The employer provides for airport transfers.

Q: How many check in baggages are we allowed to bring and how many kilos per baggage? How about our hand carry? How many and what is the allowed weight?
A: It depends on the airline, some only allow 20 kilos while others allow 30 kilos. Handcarry baggages up to 7 kilos.

Q: How many hours before the flight should we give ourselves?
A: You must be at the airport four hours before your flight.

Q: Do I need to take PDOS again since I have already worked abroad and have undergone PDOS already?
A: If you have a different employer when you go back, you have to take the seminar again.

Q: Who are the people I can put as my dependents?
A: Dependents are your spouse, children and parents.

Q: Who provides the airline tickets?
A: The employers provide the airline tickets.

Q: What is PDOS?
A: PDOS is the Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar is the seminar required by the POEA prior to departure.

Q: What is an OEC?
A: This is called the Overseas Employment Certificate which is the final document needed prior to departure.

If you have any further inquiries, just email our recruitment agency and we would gladly answer them at the soonest possible time.